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The Duty Exemption Scheme enables duty free import of inputs required for export production. Under the scheme government can issue an Advance Authorization or DFIA to import inputs the duty free.

Input - Output norms (SION)
The government has published the standard input-output norms (SION) for more than 6000 products. These are available in the Handbook of Procedures (Vol-II) of Exim Policy. While applying for advance Authorization the input-output norms are to be followed for duty free inputs. If however no norms are available, Authorization can still be applied on self- declaration basis.

Advance Authorisation (License)
  • An Advance Authorization is issued to allow duty free import of inputs, which are physically incorporated in the export product (making normal allowance for wastage) subject to actual user condition. Such Authorizations are exempted from payment of basic customs duty, additional customs duty, anti dumping duty ,safeguard duty and transition product specific safeguard duty, if any.
  • Advance Authorization can also be issued for supplies with in India that are categorized as Deemed Exports. Purposes like supplies to Mega Power Projects, Projects funded by World Bank, ADB, EOUs, SEZ etc. BCD, CVD and SAD are exempted in this cases.
  • Advance Authorizations are issued with an obligation to export the quantity and value of goods mentioned therein in a fixed period of 18 months. Before imports customs ask for a bond or a bank guarantee towards security for duty saved, till export obligation is fulfilled.
  • Advance Authorizations or materials imported against it can-not be transferred even after completion of Export Obligation.
  • Advance Authorisations are also available for Annual requirement under SION .

  • Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA)
  • DFIA is issued to a merchant-exporter or manufacturer-exporter for duty free import of inputs used in the manufacture of goods without payment of basic customs duty.
  • DFIA is issued on minimum value addition of 20%, and only for export of products covered under the SION. DFIA and or the material(s) imported against it are freely transferable after completion of Export Obligation. 
  • Before effecting exports, DFIA application needs to be filed.

  • Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme (Scheme ended on 30.09.2011)
    The objective of DEPB is to neutralize the incidence of Customs duty deemed to have been suffered on the import content of the export product. The neutralization is provided by way of grant of duty credit against the export product. The duty credit is given as a specified percentage of FOB value of exports, made in freely convertible currency.

    This duty credit can be utilized for import of any goods/capital goods which are not prohibited.

    The DEPB and/or the items imported against it are freely transferable.

    Indigenous Sourcing
    The holder of advance Authorization may also source their inputs from indigenous sources. In such cases, the excise duty payable by the indigenous supplier can be exempted. In addition the indigenous supplier can import his own raw material duty free or can even get a drawback.

    What We Do
    We can assist you in assessing the feasibility of the scheme for your exports/domestic supplies, planning for maximum benefits, documentation, application preparations, representation and coordination with DGFT and other concerned Government Departments till you finally get the Authorisation.

    In case of domestic procurement we can assist in getting necessary invalidations from the authority, for duty free import of second stage raw materials and the Drawbacks wherever applicable.

    Later we will assist you in getting the ratification of the norms from the Norms Committee. Finally we assist you in redemptions of the Authorization and closure / revocation of Bonds/BG given to customs.

    We also undertake the jobs of Norms Fixation and clarification from the committee etc.

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